Increasing Your CTR in Google (Everything You Need To Know)

Written by: Vergio S.

May 17, 2021

Digital Marketing | SEO

Increasing Your CTR in Google

In this article we’ll cover the fundamentals of what you need to know about SEO in order to increase your CTR in Google. You’ll learn what CTR is, how it can help you, and the best practices to increase your chances of success.

So without further ado, let’s just get straight into it, shall we?

What is CTR?

Google uses a variety of signals for ranking websites and one among them is click-through-rate (CTR).

This figure measures the percentage of people who will click on your website in Google’s search results. Basically, it measures how good a job you’re doing in getting people to click on your website.

So, if you’re CTR is high then that means you are doing a good job in bringing traffic to your site and if it’s low, then that means that there is something wrong with your titles and meta descriptions.

Basically, the higher the CTR is, the better.

How does CTR work?

Well, why do people search in Google? Because they want to solve a problem. And that problem needs to be solved immediately, or else they’ll go elsewhere.

So, if you manage to create a title that solves a particular problem and get your keyword in the right place within the title, then you will get more traffic and visitors. That’s how it works.

Now, here are some quick tips on how to improve CTR:

#1 – Get rid of stop words

Stop words are the most common words in any language like: ‘a’,’the’,’is’,and so on.

These words may not seem important, but they usually decrease the user experience. These are known to disregard a site’s relevance because Google knows if you’re focused on telling users how good your content is, then you’re not focused on making your site useful.

So, make sure to remove stop words from your title or it’ll have a negative effect on your CTR.

#2 – Give your titles a unique value

CTR can be narrowed down to two things. Either your title is unique or your title is not unique.

If your title is unique then you’ll probably get a good CTR and if it’s not unique then you won’t get a good CTR. This is why it’s important to create more than one title and choose the best ones later.

It’s also important to use words like ‘new’, ‘best’, ‘free’ and so on because these words attract attention and that means only one thing: more people clicking.

#3 – Use the right keywords in your titles

Google has a good algorithm when it comes to deciding what is relevant and what isn’t, but one thing is certain: Google looks at each word individually and uses those words to decide which site is more relevant.

If you don’t use the right keywords then that means your title won’t be relevant.

So, in order to get a good CTR, make sure your keyword is in the title. Just make sure it’s in the right place and done correctly.

#4 – Write Good Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are one of the most important parts of any webpage, along with your title and URL, because they’re the first thing that Google/visitors see when they’re scanning your site.

So, if you have a good Meta description then that means people are more likely to choose your website over another’s. The same goes for your title and URL.

One important thing to remember about meta descriptions is that you should focus on providing value in a short sentence or paragraph. It’ll help you get more traffic and that means more readers for your content.

Otherwise, if Google sees that your Meta description isn’t fit for its purpose then it will decrease your CTR, which is something you definitely don’t want to happen.

Why Is Search Engine Optimization Important?

Simply put, search engine optimization is the process of optimizing, both technically and contextually, a website so that it shows up in Google’s top tier of search results.

If you’re aiming to do SEO right then you’ll want to make sure that your site is as optimized as possible.

If you do this properly that means you’ll get more visitors which in turn will result in more sales for your business regardless of your industry.

What To Do If You Have Low CTR

If you’ve done your research and you know that your CTR is low, then there are a few things you can do:

Make sure your titles are on the topic of the page and not a generic title with no meaning.
Remove any stop words from your titles, just like you did when improving your keyword list.
Upgrade the formatting of your Meta descriptions and make sure they’re on topic. Also, make sure to include keywords within it, but don’t overdo it because it can be confusing to users if you put too many keywords in there.
Make sure your Meta description has keywords in it like you would do with the title and URL.
Integrating Google analytics into your website is a great way of checking how well your site is performing. It’s also a great way of tracking your CTR and to see how much traffic you get from certain geographical locations.

In Summary

Deciding what to do about your CTR in Google is a very important step in SEO because it’s one of the major factors that affects how many visitors you get on your site.

There are many things that affect CTR, but the most common ones are:

Your Title Tags – The title contains your keyword and keyword phrases in order to draw extra attention. By doing this, it’ll show Google that you’re trying to draw attention.

The Meta Description – This is the text in between your title tag and URL to describe your website. You can use whatever you want here as long as it provides value.

Your URL – How search engines see your website. The keywords should be relevant to the reason why they’re visiting your site, so make sure that they are!

As you can see, there are many factors that affect how Google sees your site. If you can get your CTR to the normal range then you’ll start seeing more traffic and that means more readers for your content.

Having too low of a CTR is like having no visitors, so don’t let it reach that point.


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