How to use landing pages on your site

Written by: Vergio S.

September 7, 2021

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Landing Pages

Your landing page is the first thing potential clients see when they come to your website. It should be designed to capture their attention and convince them that you have what they need.
You’ve probably seen plenty of websites where it feels like there was no thought put into the design at all, or maybe it looks like something from 1996. The truth is that even if you can’t afford a professional designer, with just a little bit of work on your part, you can create an effective landing page for your website. And once it’s done, don’t forget: Keep testing! Test different colors and sizes and layouts until you find what works best for your business and audience. First, this article will explain why landing pages are important and then we will show you some steps on how to use a landing page you benefit your business.

Why landing pages are important?

A landing page is a webpage that new visitors see when they come to your website. You can use it to capture their attention and convince them that you have what they need.
A visitor will see your landing page before anything else, even if it displays less than desirable. If you want them to buy your product or service, they need to be persuaded by the first impression you make.
Properly designed, a landing page can also help increase conversion rates; however, many businesses don’t bother with one because they think designing a “sales” page is too expensive. The truth is, with just a little bit of work on your part, you can create an effective landing page for your website that doesn’t cost you a penny.

How to use a landing page for your website

I’ll give you an example of a landing page:
Hi, we’re the new pizza place in town and we’re really excited to serve you! We also sell several types of pizzas that we think will taste good with your family.
Now, we know that when you click on this message you want more information about our business and how it can help you. We want to make sure that when you get to our website for the first time, what you see is something interesting and informative. So let’s start off by telling you a little bit about ourselves.
I’m the owner, Maria. I grew up in a family that always loved to cook and eat pizzas together. My mother would make pizza dough from scratch almost every night for dinner. It was so delicious! In fact, it was so good my father used to call us his ‘pizza kids’.
My entire family worked together making I know he was he’s been doing that lately I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I think he’s been doing that lately
Anyway, what we love and miss most about him is his cooking. He made the best pizzas ever. So when my family and I moved to this area, we decided to start this business together so we could share our passion for cooking with all of you!
We’re so excited to show you the pizzas that have earned us a loyal customer base back home.
When you’re ready, click over to our menu page and see what all the talk is about!
Let me guess, the page has piqued your curiosity about the business, right? But you’re probably thinking to yourself where do I begin in designing my own landing page? Let’s take a look:

How to create an effective landing page

1. Use your title to rank for a keyword

There are many ways that you can go about doing this. You can create a unique title, one that tells visitors what the page is about and how they benefit from it. It should also include keywords so search engines will have an easier time finding your website content.

2. Include a brief but direct introduction

Avoid using too many introductory sentences. Use the basic ‘who, what, where, and how. This will help you avoid confusion and get straight to the point.

3. Create an engaging graphic for your headline

Your landing page’s primary goal is to get visitors interested in your content right away. You can do this by creating a professional and interesting headline that will entice viewers to visit your page.

4. Optimize your content for keywords

You should always use specific keywords that potential customers will be searching for on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You can accomplish this by putting yourself in the shoes of customers claiming something like ‘how to grow taller’ is more specific than ‘grow taller. Make sure to have your keywords placed strategically throughout the page.

5. Avoid flashy advertisements and big text

You don’t want viewers to get turned off by your landing page’s design or website copy, especially if you’re trying to sell a product or service. So make sure to avoid using advertisements and flashy text. It should be professional and easy to read so viewers won’t have to strain their eyes or read big text boxes.

6. Create a clear call-to-action

We all know how important it is for businesses to get their point across, quickly and clearly. This can be done by creating a ‘call-to-action so viewers will have a better idea of what they need to do. You can use this as a persuasive sales tool that is linked to your product or service.

The importance of landing pages can’t be stressed enough. It’s important that your website visitors know what to expect and take the next step in becoming a customer. It will also serve as your business’s online identity and selling space. So how will you use landing pages to your advantage? Think about the benefits you’ll be offering your audience. If you can accomplish this, then you will have a guaranteed strategy to get more customers in the door.

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