Branding Focused on Your Company’s Personality

A great brand starts with a deep understanding of what your company stands for. That’s why we use archetypes to determine your company’s personality and story and base our branding services around your values, products, and mission.

If your company has a story to share but needs help representing that story to employees and clients, our services can help!

Our Services

Why Branding?

Is your brand struggling to align with your values and vision? Are you having high employee turnover, customer complaints, or issues positioning new products and services? Is your business preparing for a merger or acquisition? Branding could be the answer.

What Do You Get?

By working with Project Div, you’ll partner with a company that provides exceptional branding services. We will deliver to you a brand guide, high-quality redesigned logos, an understanding of who your company is and what your values are, and can help you rewrite your mission, vision, and values or redesign your website.

Recent Branding Strategy Work

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