13 superb examples of B2B Content marketing

Written by: Vergio S.

July 26, 2021

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13 superb examples of B2B Content marketing

B2B content marketing refers to various techniques used to produce and distribute informational content to improves leads, traffic, brand awareness, and business-to-business sales. B2B Promoting and selling goods/ services typically involves blogging, infographics, podcasting, and targeted email newsletters.

Project Div’s San Diego digital marketing can help your business secure longer sales cycles by providing the perfect mix of exciting and intriguing campaigns. With proper local digital marketing, your firm will attract new clients while maintaining its current consumer base regardless of your competitors’ strategies. Since numerous selling and advertisement strategies exist, here are 13 superb examples of B2B content marketing.

1. STR Software

STR Software offers Enterprise Resource Planning, and its services typically target large businesses or companies. STR software focused on creating gated marketing content by analyzing and improving its online leads. This firm also used automated emails to send relevant information to current and potential clients. Afterward, STR software noticed an improvement in the quality of sales leads, traffic flow (up to 54%), and conversion rate (by an average of 10%).

2. HubSpot

HubSpot is a digital marketing firm renowned for its famous catchphrase, “Inbound marketing.” This firm used two straightforward strategies to enhance its online traffic funnels.

First, HubSpot used its Blog to educate small-sized companies on inbound markets and techniques of attracting online readers to their content (at the top of the funnel). Secondly, HubSpot created an extensive library database containing eBooks, quizzes, webinars, and case studies that assist in improving consumer targeting from mid to bottom of the traffic funnel. In the years that flowed, HubSpot gained tremendous traffic flow and is now worth slightly more than $1billion.

3. SalesForce

Salesforce currently ranks as the world’s most fantastic CRM (customer Relation Management) service provider. However, before Salesforce achieved this tremendous achievement, they had to improve their SEO ranking and Paid traffic by creating entertaining videos and stop-motion presentations. After approximately three months, this firm realized an 80% year-over-year traffic increase and up to 10,000 eBook downloads on their online platform.

4. Scripted

Scripted is a firm that assists companies/organizations in identifying and hire professional writers who develop content. Since scripted faced stiff competition from other writer marketplaces, they created a local digital marketing technique focused on their client’s purchase journey. Scripted made a dedicated blog, podcasts, webinars, case studies, and white papers that encouraged readers to move further down the traffic funnel. As a result, scripted lowered its bounce rate by 300% and drove 36% of its blogpost visitors to purchase services.

5. LeadPages

LeadPages.com deals with designing attractive landing pages and testing various website services. This company decided to develop an expert marketing blog, launch weekly webinars, provide free educational resources, and produce a popular advertisement podcast known as “Conversion Cast.” Later on, this company acquired roughly 35,000 clients within three years, and their overall revenue reached $16 million in 2015.

6. Simply business

Simply Business currently ranks as UK’s Top insurance broker. Instead of focusing on promoting its insurance services, this company opted to create diverse informational content that would appeal to ordinary business owners. Such content included handling email productivity, WordPress, Business Blogging, Google Ads, and social media. Due to this approach, Simply business improved its SEO rankings and gained higher organic traffic.

7. WP Engine

WP engine is a hosting platform that provides valuable information and services to WordPress Users. This firm decided to work on its international and local digital marketing by employing different strategies. WP engine increased focus on their services’ new features and provided helpful knowledge to individuals seeking to build an online presence using WordPress. Because WP Engine focused on their clients’ pain points, they acquired over 300,000 sites and earned roughly $40 million.

8. Single Grain

Single Grain serves as an online marketing organization that focuses on promoting tech startups. This firm wanted to get into business with giant companies such as Amazon. So they created conversations among their target audience. Single Grain achieved this feat by creating a blog dedicated to online marketing, developing podcasts, and offering guides, webinars, and short courses on ways to market tech startups.

9. CB Insights

CB Insights analyzes market data points and provides an intelligent online platform that tech businesses can use. This company conducted effective content marketing by formulating an engaging and informative newsletter. It covered topics on expert technology market secrets and venture capital. This information helped this firm to gain an authoritative position in its sector.

10. SAP

SAP is among the world’s leading software vendors, and it offers its services to approximately 12 different industries. Since SAP had a diverse target audience, it compartmentalized its marketing strategies in various ways. First, it developed customized content for 19 client niches, then it used tailored messaging and solution-based content to entice readers and potential clients. This strategy paid off, and SAP made approximately $3.675 million.

11. Velcro

Velcro is renowned for its innovative “hop and loop” adherent product that you can find on many commercial items such as shoes and bags. Velcro developed entertaining content to discuss copyright laws and included two videos, a catchy Twitter hashtag (#DontSayVelcro), and several quizzes. The two Velcro videos collectively garnered more than 660,000 views online and helped to increase the brand’s popularity.

12. NextView Ventures

This company is a venture capital enterprise that helps other firms develop/design products, solve human resource issues and promote products to consumers. NextView opted to create an online publication platform, informative off-site content with back-links to their site, and a system that allows readers to follow NextView from Third-party content platforms. With time, NextView amassed over 26 million followers, and it attained a pinnacle status within its industry.

13. SecureWorks

SecureWorks is a cybersecurity firm that offers an informative Q&A blog, informative webinars, reports, videos, whitepapers, and case studies. Since SecureWorks provided practical solutions and knowledge to consumers, they increased their organic traffic volume and doubled their client conversion rate with time.


B2B San Diego digital marketing can help promote your business’s goods/ services by using various content marketing techniques to improve organic traffic on your website while also enhancing client leads. If you are skeptical about these techniques, kindly check out any of the companies mentioned above and see their success story. If you are looking for any of these services Project Div delivers accurate b2b marketing results for all our clients.

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